Reconciliation Of Data

Organizations they found themselves with numbers that don’t balance, or you they cant substantiate where they come from.Some the values this month a showing certain figures come next month or few days later data have changed and no custodian can tell why there is discrepancy what really changed. That’s where we come in. We ensure that data balances day in day out, we use automated system that triggers every time there is data changes.

Data is the gold of Information Technology, if you have unrecognizable data, then you don’t have quality data, you will lose credibility as a company.We conduct element level checking where each element is validated. This includes matching the source and reflecting an accurate, valid value.

We also focus on Database reconciliation which we validate the integrity and quality of the entire database or data set. Database reconciliation is a super-set of data reconciliation. We frequently use data reconciliation to address the
integrity or accuracy of individual records of data quantities. Database reconciliation is frequently discussed at
the completion of a data migration effort where we want to understand if the validity of the entire data set is
still intact.